Sunday, February 23, 2020

Video Masters goes back to the beginning with new animated series

Ever since I lost all my Video Masters VHS tapes, DVD's, important files, as well as very sentimental items that cannot be bought again, I've been thinking of a way to better preserve and honor my 25 years of work. My solution? Go back to the beginning. So, as you can tell by the cartoon version of me above, that's what I did.

Enter "Video Masters: Reloaded". My new animated series that returns to its original 1995 roots, and puts my little animated avatar back in the basement where it all began. It's not an exact replica of my Grandma's basement that she arranged to be built and furnished for my mother, sister and I to live, but it's got similar wood paneling, as well as a few family photos here and there to add a home-like atmosphere, coupled with a mix of classic and modern posters to convey that it's also a bit of a Man-Cave too.

So far, the first 4 episodes are around 12-14 minutes long, whereas many of our original shows from the 90's, and our 12 seasons of VMTV ranged anywhere from 21-43 minutes.

Video Masters Reloaded, so far, will be airing new episodes every other Wednesday at around Noon, but that, and the length could always change. We will see.

For now, enjoy this first episode, and stay tuned for more. 

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