Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Video Game Cheats- Why does VMTV feature them?

When we first relaunched Video Masters (VMTV) in 2006, it didn't take long before viewers would ask us the point of featuring video game cheats when they're readily available in text format online. While this is true, have you taken a good look at these cheat code websites? True, many of them have great tips, strategies, passwords, etc. Once in a while, you'll notice that it's mostly a cut and paste job from other sites. In addition, some cheats I'll come across are not always accurate.

This is an example of inaccurate information. The above instructions are for the Sega CD version of Spider-Man Vs Kingpin. You'd easily get "Unlimited Webbing" by just setting the options to "Easy". No need to fiddle with options, or press any buttons. It's possible the original poster did not know this, and the cheat itself just spread to other sites through the copy and paste method.

Interestingly enough, my cousin and former Video Masters Co-Host Jason (seen here reviewing Assassin's Creed) had suggested to me not too long ago that our "Cheat Sheet" segment could try to debunk some of the more phony/inaccurate cheats out there. We tried something similar back in 1997, when there were fake cheats floating around America Online to play as Luigi or Yoshi in Super Mario 64.

That cheat.. does not exist, however it's possible in Super Mario 64 DS for Nintendo DS.

Here's another example of inaccurate cheats:

I did this cheat for Revenge of Shinobi for the Genesis back in Season 6. Initially, I was inspired to do this cheat from watching the 1990's show, Video Power. There, Johnny Arcade (the host) was telling the viewers that the way to get Unlimited Shurikens was to rapidly hit the A, B, and C buttons in the options screen. Actually, it's a matter of waiting about 5 or 6 seconds after setting the number of shurikens to 00, as illustrated in my video.

The point of this post was not to complain about this site or that site. They'll do our thing. We'll do ours. I've chosen to feature cheats on VMTV because not only does it scratch that nostalgic itch for some players..prompting them to dig out their old games and try out a cheat they may not have known about, but to demonstrate carefully how each cheat works, and prove it's on the level (no gaming pun intended).

 I'm glad you're enjoying Season 12 so far, everyone. We do plan on featuring more cheats here and there, and possibly exploring them for consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube, Wii, and so on.

Thanks for reading! Take care of yourselves, and keep playing.

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