Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Series undergoes changes, sets a release.

Hi gang!. I've been hard at work creating this new Video Masters series that was going to hearken back to our glory days in the 1990's. This was going to be animated versions of myself, and a few of the guys. An old VHS effect was to be added later to simulate how we did the shows back in 1995. 

Initially, this was going to air side by side with a mini-series I had done, Video Masters: Flashback, a mini-documentary gaming series. After some thought, I think I need to take more time to think about the direction of this series, originally titled "Classic Video Masters Reloaded".

Little by little, I was making changes over time; removing the VHS camcorder timecode (see picture), the hum of our original 1989 camcorder we used, etc. Now, I'm recreating the old basement "set" in 3D. So it looks like we're heading in a slightly different direction than originally intended.

We'll still focus on Retro Games, like the NES, Genesis, Playstation, Colecovision, 3DO, Jaguar, etc. The series may end up in 1080 HD, rather than traditional VHS format. I will say that whatever this ends up being will air in August, just like how we aired each season of VMTV. That should give us enough time to settle on things, prepare content, and so forth.

Meanwhile, be sure to watch our other series, Video Masters: Flashback, airing weekly beginning February 19th. 

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