Monday, May 15, 2017

VMTV- 2 more episodes to wrap up Season 10.

It's been an amazing ride this season, and I'm happy a lot of roads have opened up for us. Attending conventions, and creating special episodes was a great experience. Season 10 will end with a special episode called "The Lost Segements". Here, I went through the archives and put together segments that never aired. Reasons were either timing, technical issues, or the content itself didn't mesh well with the episode it was meant to be featured in,

Episode 11 (pictured above) will be a regular show, with reviews, special features and a new segment called "VS Mode". That will air on June 23rd at 3:30pm. 

As usual, we take a little break to prepare for Season 11, which will air on August 22nd. A Spider-Man II special is in the works, as well as an All-Baseball episode. Until then, keep playing, gang, and remember to share episode links with the rest of the gaming and pop-culture community. Thank you!!

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