Monday, August 1, 2016

Season 10 brings back the classic "Video Masters" style.

Hi gang! It's John. Ya know, what I miss sometimes are the simple graphics we used from the original Video Masters and the first 2-3 seasons of VMTV. So I went back to the old intros I did back in the 1990's, when I did all the graphics on Mario Paint, and Macromedia's Authorware Professional, and created an intro for our 10th season that's a bit more simpler than what we normally do these days. 

In our February, 1996 show, we tried Corel Draw, once. 

Original logo from Season 2 is back!

I also brought back the "NameTag" graphic that our own Co-Host Matt Rau created back in 2007. I found the original project file, and converted it to HD, and tweaked it a bit. You'll see. It's great!

Taken from a Season 4 episode.

Graphics were originally created by fellow co-host, Matt Rau.

Episodes are being planned, including an "All Batman" Episode, and a Heroes II special. Naturally, you'll see regular episodes as well. I'm also attempting to bring back some of our original talent from both the original Video Masters and VMTV. Mind you, we all get quite busy with regular obligations, like family, and jobs. I assure you I'll do whatever I can to get a reunion going somehow.

Could Season 10 bring back some of the original Co-Hosts?

In the meantime, stay glued to our new home, Season 10 premieres August 22nd.


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